The Fox

Charm          Intuition          Anticipation


Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the fox fill you.  Click here to Listen to the Fox’s Song.


Ah, how fortunate you are to have fox power within you.  Beautiful and clever, the fox will help you move through life with grace and ease, attracting others with your charm and intuitively sensing how to act, even when surrounded with newness.  Just breathe in fox power and you will instantly feel grace and confidence flowing through you, guiding you to the right thing to say and do in every circumstance.  For you are the fox.


But when you want to be left alone, the fox will lend you her great powers of camouflage, letting you blend into the background at will, where you can observe unseen, taking it all in and keeping it to yourself.  You have both of these powers:  to attract confidently or to blend invisibly.   The choice is completely yours.


The fox will fill you with her sharp intuition, so that you sense what is coming down the path before it can even be heard or seen.  With the fox within you, you will be able to anticipate, knowing when to lie low and let things silently pass by, when to step forward and engage, and when to run like the wind, feeling the freedom of foreknowledge and deep connection with all that is.


And safe at home, her gentle caring nature will fill you, as you devote yourself to your loved ones and know the true courage of deep and compassionate love.


You are love, beauty and grace.  You are the fox.