Father and Grandfather’s Spirit

white butterflyoliocornI did not ask or really expect any signs from my dad on Father’s Day, even though I had experienced many since his passing. My heart was wonderfully encouraged of his spirit presence as things popped up that reminded me of him and his father. I happened to go to the Wolf Sanctuary in Pa., as we were walking back to the car under the full moon, we were surrounded by fields of corn. My father grew up on a farm in Iowa and corn was there main crop. Then the white butterfly showed up, which was very symbolic when my dad was in intensive care and right before his passing. Then I happened to walk by a store that was called “Olio”.  Well my dad always called butter Olio and my husband always likes to tell the story about how they went into a subway and my dad asked for Olio and the young boy waiting on him was quite perplexed. Then the bed and breakfast had a Chinese checkers game that looked just like the one we always played when we used to visit the farm. Thanks Dad for showing up! Love you!

Chinese checkers

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