Made Me Smile

Made me Smile

It was lunchtime in Bladensberg Md. I had stopped at Boston Market for a rather ordinary, mundane lunch. Walked in, got in line and observed the people around me going through the same feelings as me; get lunch, sit down, check your e-mail and leave hopefully satisfied. After sitting down with food in hand something happened that was extraordinary, a mentally challenged boy around 10 years old came in with whom I believe was his grandmother. I was sitting in the far end of the restaurant and he immediately went to the closest table and said “HELLO, I LOVE YOU! CAN I GIVE YOU A HUG?” I watched the reactions of all the people sitting and i saw great hesitation and almost concern on some faces as this boy made his way from table to table. After about the forth table it turned from concern to smiles and love. People were looking at each other and smiling and laughing;black down syndrome this boy had turned a rather ordinary day into a extraordinary day full of innocent love and smiles.

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