An Ostentation of Peacocks

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incidental naturalist

Is there a more ostentatious bird than the male of the Indian peafowl, the Peacock? I was introduced to this species at a very young age. Due to its popularity as an ornamental bird and its readiness to breed in captivity, Peafowl can be found in zoos, parks and gardens around the world. As with all species of captive wildlife, the bird achieves new levels of magnificence when seen in its natural habitat. I was fortunate to see, and photograph the national bird of India, wild in the National Parks of India and Sri Lanka.

I had become so accustomed to seeing them in captivity that I was taken by surprise when I saw my first wild bird. I hadn’t imagined them as a wild bird. Even the local pub where I grew up kept peacocks as a beer garden attraction. I loved the exotic call that they bellowed out, starting at sunrise…

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